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Graphic Design

Dynaf & D-POINT


My internship on Curaçao didn’t leave me empty handed. I was asked to continue my work for them after my internship. I couldn’t turn down this opportunity and have been working for them from the Netherlands since 2019. During this period I re-branded their visual brand identity and worked on some awesome projects.  I’d like to show you some of my best work that I have made for them.


Dynaf Group plays a key role in the Caribbean transition to sustainable energy and offers customized total sustainable power solutions with lifetime maintenance and 24/7 services. Dynaf Group is a dynamic company in the Caribbean. Their headquarter is based on Curaçao, with offices on Aruba and St. Maarten from which they also serve Bonaire.

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You can rely on D-POINT to keep you driving. D-POINT is the independent Caribbean provider of electric vehicle charging. D-POINT is powered by Dynaf. Since 2019 they offer sustainable transport solutions and installed the first residential and business charging stations in the Caribbean. They are now developing a wider network together with their sustainable partners.

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Kris Bouwstra

“Creanova- The BEST partner for Brand Awareness. Always punctual, personal and prepared with a good solution.

Gino is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking professional. He is very passionate about his profession and will do his very best to deliver your desired solution. Working together is super fun, educational and very productive!”

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Dynaf

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